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This database provides access to all public court records from the first filing made at the Tribunal in 1994 through today. It also contains all public court records of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals(MICT) filed with the Mechanism since 1 July 2012.

The Tribunal is dedicated to ensuring judicial transparency and that its public court records are accessible.


When first visiting the site all users are required to Register. This simple process takes about a minute. You will receive a notification email advising you that your requested access is approved.

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Select the language or languages you are interested in, along with other choices such as the name of the accused and the type of documents you seek - from warrants through to judgements.


The database menu operates in five languages, although not all documents contained in the database are available in each of these languages. English and French are the official working languages of the ICTY and of the MICT.


If you are looking for the most recent court records posted on the database you can access them by one click through the 'Recently Posted Records' option.

Users should be aware that documents are posted on this public database up to 24 hours after being filed with the Tribunal's Registry. If you require public documents on the day of their release you should check the Tribunal's website www.icty.org or contact the Media Office on +31 (0) 70 512 8752. 5343 or 5356.


This database consists of Public filings only. Confidential filings form no part of this database. Also, while every effort is made to ensure that the database is complete, certain types of documents are pending inclusion. Specifically, transcripts from numerous cases are in the process of being launched, as well as exhibits from several ongoing cases. It is intended for all missing materials to be included before the end of 2009.


Documents obtained from this internet site do not constitute the official record of the ICTY and are intended for public information only.

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